Iowa’s Creative Corridor Perspective

For an overview of the power of Iowa’s Creative Corridor, check this out. ┬áComments appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Iowa’s Creative Corridor Perspective”

  1. This video got me thinking about those big market experiences and perhaps an opportunity to showcase what those are in our region. This might be another video, but to someone outside the region, they may know certain things about our market such as having a Big 10 school at the UI. But what would they not expect? I’m picturing a rapid tour of 2 seconds each of all the “surprise” experiences. ie: New Bo City Market, sailing at Lake Macbride, Amish Quilt show,Plaza Tower, Bottleworks, etc.

  2. Cut me and I’ll bleed our need to be a region…far beyond a “corridor” concept to me.
    After two years and lots of work, I’m unabashedly unsure about where we are. To me, “creative corridor” is lacking any depth and, I note, it lacks any real support or use by media partners. A regional brand to me has a firm economic development hook (how do you spell f-o-o-d?) and is something regional citizens can “salute” and be proud of. So, in short, I don’t “get it” and wonder why we’re seemingly spinning wheels while many other regions in this nation are moving ahead and marketing themselves.

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