Iowa's Creative Corridor – About the logo



About the logo:

While a logo is not a brand, it is one of the most high-profile, easily understandable expressions of a brand. Following is information from North Star Destination Strategies, providing information and insight into the logo created for Iowa’s Creative Corridor:

 A double helix comprises an “I”, which symbolizes the individual and the transformative power of the Creative Corridor for his/her future.

 The “I” also represents the collective Iowa.

 The double helix that makes up the stylized “I” is reminiscent of DNA …the root of life and the code responsible for the past and future of any living entity.

 The double helix mark is symbolic of the spark of life or the signature of an individual

 The mark also represents the duality of the Creative Corridor, the unique mix of art and science and the importance of both the individual and the community.

 On a more subtle level the double helix forms an interlocking “double C” pattern, which can stand for the Creative Corridor when this logo is used independent of the name.

 The strong colors lend a solid foundation to the mark while the lowercase type treatment injects a contemporary quality and youthful spirit to the logo.

 The gold and green communicate the productive growth of ideas, agriculture, artists, and individuals in the region.

 The use of green type against neutral grays brings the brand’s key message of creativity to the forefront.

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