Regional Planning Workgroup Meets

At the end of April’s Regional Economic Development Summit, Doug Elliott, ECICOG Executive Director, explained that a workgroup would be assembled to assist in incorporating public input into a regional development plan. Since that time, ECICOG has secured the commitment of ten individuals from throughout the region, and the group held its first meeting on May 18.


Members of the work group are:
Dee Baird, Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce and Priority One
Lu Barron (Darrin Gage), Linn County Board of Supervisors
Sandra Cronbaugh, Iowa County Economic Development Commission
Alan Johnson, City of Anamosa
Kim Johnson, Kirkwood Community College
Curt Nelson, Entrepreneurial Development Center
Ed Raber, Washington Economic Development Group
Joe Raso, Iowa City Area Development Group
Sally Stutsman, Johnson County Board of Supervisors


At their first meeting, the group reviewed public input and data compiled to date, discussed the structure of the plan and guiding principles in its formation, discussed a process to determine goals and objectives, and set a date for the next meeting on June 9. The group also reaffirmed the commitment to completing the plan by June 30, 2011.


Updates on the planning process will continue to be posted at and


Results of the recent transportation survey conducted by ECICOG for purposes of the planning process can be found at