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It has been nine months since North Star Destination Strategies was hired to help us articulate our brand promise to the world.  Because of that amount of time, it is sometimes difficult to remember where we are in that process.  John Lohman has provided an accessible timeline and was able to provide an overview of the original research.

We now are able to post the original research slides, which gives more insight into how we view ourselves, and how others in our region view us.  This is the research which will lead us to brand positioning and the first articulation of the brand promise.   That work is ongoing now, and should be completed this summer.  Until then, please comment on this research.

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One thought on “Research Slides”

  1. Interesting study. As someone who was ready to bolt to the West Coast after living most of my life here, I have decided to stay put hopeful we can, in fact, get our act together.

    Two thoughts:

    First, the listed suggestions for renaming “The Corridor” are (IMHO) ridiculous. I have found traction with “The Shire” in describing Eastern Iowa to those unfamiliar. The image of plump hobbits happily living lives of innocence among cozy little dwellings seems to confirm the impression shared by those who have visited.

    Second, our attempts to upgrade our agrarian reputation will only be met with incredulity by others and reflect our perception as a people insecure about our place in national culture – whether accurately perceived or not.

    No, what needs to happen is the bold strokes of cultural – and I hate this hackneyed overused buzzword – “innovation.” Not the sort of spoken of by Richard Florida in “Rise of the Creative Class” – which lacks understanding of the creative community by relegating them to mere commodities to be more cleverly brokered by the titans of commerce.

    No, I’m talking about empowering our local artistic talent to do what THEY think would serve our community best, without being fettered by the manipulation of commercial expectation.

    Only a work or body of works that sums up the extraordinary creative talent existant in this region could – in short order – reposition our “brand” by replacing it with a new national perception.

    Lacking has been a united WELL FUNDED creative core (corps?) to embrace bold creative vision without larger commercial ambitions playing the role of puppet master.

    A kind of “neo Grant Wood” would not be a single individual but a team of artists able to tell our story such as it is TODAY (yes warts and all) with such a compelling narrative as to infect our national consciousness.

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