Community Branding Survey Completed – Results Soon
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The community research and branding initiative has completed its first comprehensive survey, getting input for more than 800 residents, which was a critical step in the process to articulate a brand for this region in order to make this region more attractive to businesses, visitors, and residents.

“We have worked with over 100 other communities to develop brands and brand marketing programs and I can’t over-emphasize the importance of insights provided by community residents,” said Don McEachern, CEO of North Star Destination Strategies.  “To learn what makes a community special, you have to go to the people who spend their lives there.”

We hope to have the results of the survey completed in December to share later this year, or early next year.  If you are interested in updates on this effort, please join the interest group noted on the right sidebar.

Questions regarding the survey can be directed to John Lohman, publisher of the Corridor Business Journal, at

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