Corridor Business Alliance

During the Path to Regional Excellence breakfast yesterday, November 3rd, 2009, Dee Baird, Executive Vice President, Continuing Education and Training Services, Kirkwood Community College, gave a brief overview of the Corridor Business Alliance, or CBA.

Formed about 10 months ago, CBA consists of those entities in our region that have multiple constituents and are focused on economic development.  Their names, and the links to their websites, are in the “Links to Development Resources” listed to the right.

When you look at the tasks and purposes of CBA, on slides 8 and 9 below, note the emphasis on branding, metrics and organizational effectiveness, key factors in the Michael Langley presentation that followed.

When asked why the Convention and Visitor Bureaus, cities, counties or others were not in the original CBA, Dee commented that getting a dozen disparate organizations was enough of a start.  You have to start somewhere.

CBA is pursuing a regional planning grant, and will be outlining key tasks in the next 30-45 days.

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